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Combating the Nursing Crisis

The “Elite Caregivers” manifesto shows how Germany can provide high-quality healthcare for all going forward.

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Proposals for sustainable care

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Excellent and future-oriented professional nursing requires a multitude of skills—in all fields of care. Every nursing professional can make an invaluable contribution—no matter whether they have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or have completed a three-year or one-year nursing or care training.Those interested in becoming a nursing professional in Germany today, can choose from several different qualification options, from the one-year nurse’s aide training and the traditional three-year training to become a certified health care and nursing professional, to a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field. Up to now, however, the variety of qualifications has not been anchored systematically in everyday nursing practice. Many college and university graduates never work directly with patients. Also, the responsibilities of certified nurses with three years of training and nurse’s aides are often not aligned to the best effect. There is a lack of concepts for new and attractive career paths—an absolute must, given the shortage of trained nursing professionals.

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