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Combating the Nursing Crisis

The “Elite Caregivers” manifesto shows how Germany can provide high-quality healthcare for all going forward.

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About the Project

Today, those who want to pursue a career in health care can choose from a range of different possible qualifications - from one-year training courses, to the traditional three-year qualification in health care and nursing, and bachelor’s or master’s degrees. The diversity in qualifications is still not systematically anchored in health care practice. Many of those who have completed further education are not involved in direct patient care. The responsibilities of assistants and those with three-year nursing qualifications often do not engage with each other in a sensible way. There is a lack of concepts for new and attractive career paths - this is a must considering the lack of qualified personnel in the health care professions. This is where the "360° Nursing - Skills Mix for the Patient" project comes to the fore. In four working groups, experts from a variety of health care sectors are developing solutions and strategies.

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Project Manager
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