Upcoming Event: BBTI Annual Convening USA, May 24, 2018

For the first 16 months of the Trump administration, European governments have sought to work closely with the United States, rather than opposing it publicly. However, differences over the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris Climate Accord, trade, and the nature of sovereignty have led some observers to predict the end of the Atlantic alliance. On May 24, the Brookings Institution will convene an expert panel to discuss the trajectory of trans-Atlantic relations; whether the allies can bridge the gaps that divide them; how important Europe, and particularly the European Union, is to the Trump administration; and whether European states can and will fend for themselves.

The discussion will feature the Robert Bosch Senior Fellows at Brookings Amanda Sloat and Constanze Stelzenmüller, and Kenneth R. Weinstein, president and CEO of Hudson Institute. Edward Luce, Washington columnist and commentator for the Financial Times, will moderate the discussion. After the discussion, panelists will take questions from the audience.

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News and Insights

Where Is the Relationship between Europe and the United States Going?

What do two experts in transatlantic relations anticipate for 2018? The political scientists Constanze Stelzenmüller and Amanda Sloat, both Robert Bosch Senior Fellows at the American think tank The Brookings Institution, discussed the current condition and future of the relationship between Europe and the United States.

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Strengthening the Dialog, Not Increasing the Divide

How can we maintain the special relationship between the USA and Europe in the future? The Robert Bosch Stiftung’s answer: by stepping up our cooperation. Together with a U.S. think tank, The Brookings Institution, the Foundation has launched the "Brookings – Robert Bosch Foundation Transatlantic Initiative." At the kickoff event in Germany, international experts discussed the current challenges in transatlantic relations.

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Europe's Future in the Face of Transatlantic Challenges

How are European countries standing up for their own interests in dealing with the USA? This was the topic of discussion among foreign policy experts at an event hosted jointly by The Brookings Institution and the Robert Bosch Stiftung as part of a wider initiative. Other issues discussed included Russian aggression, trade, immigration, and relations with the USA.

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The transatlantic partnership is increasingly being called into question by nationalist and divisive forces in both American and European politics and society. New impulses and analyses are needed to reinforce transatlantic cooperation. This is the main objective of the "Brookings - Robert Bosch Foundation Transatlantic Initiative". The initiative aims to build up and expand resilient networks and transatlantic activities to analyze and work on issues concerning transatlantic relations and social cohesion in Europe and the United States.

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