Konferenz Schulentwicklung digital

How can digital media enrich the classroom? At the start of the Forum Education and Digitalisation we are looking for schools that would like to share their digital media experiences with other pioneer schools.

Photo: Phil Dera / Deutsche Telekom Stiftung

Website mit den Reportagen

Saluti dalla Puglia - Greetings from Southern Italy

Southern Italy is rich in sun, fish, and olives, but poor in perspectives: every second young person under 25 is unemployed. A region without future? Eleven young journalists of Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule traveled to Apulia to get an idea of the situation. They met young Italians who have found their way through.
Bellevue Stipendiaten beim Bundespräsidenten

How Can We Strengthen Social Cohesion in Europe?

Federal President Gauck hosted the fellows of the Bellevue Programme in Berlin. The young executives from the highest national agencies will work in the administration of a European partner country for a period of one year. They embody and will shape collaboration in Europe. What do they think of the current EU crises caused by the Brexit referendum and increased immigration?
Aufführung in Ruanda

Acrobatic Dialog on Violence

On a dusty place hundreds of African children, youth and adults are standing in front of a wooden stage. They see a group of young Cambodians performing a play about the genocide by the Khmer Rouge. With acrobatics and dance, a dialog on violence and genocide in both countries starts.

Experiencing the Meaning of Europe

Many young people from the Western Balkans have never been abroad, they only know their neighboring countries and the EU from recounts. With the program "Travel to Europe", they get to know Europe first-hand - abstract ideas about European social cohesion become personal experiences.

The Magazine "Solidarity"

The various groups in our society can come together or drift apart. At the moment, we can see this happening with the topic of refugees but solidarity affects us in ways that go beyond the refugee question. No matter in which area, we always need people who push for solidarity. You will learn about some of these dedicated individuals in this magazine.