A glance at the magazine Peace

Conflicts worldwide are increasing, in both number and intensity. To achieve peace, we need to do more than just put down guns. People need to feel that they live in a safe and just society. What can a single person contribute to peace? In our new magazine we present projects and introduce you to people who commit themselves to a peaceful coexistence in very different ways.


Engaging with Ukraine

In order to return to a life of peaceful coexistence, the people in Ukraine need a strong civil society - and the attention of the West. The training program Ukraine Calling helps German participants to establish contacts within the country. They organize youth encounters, strengthen minorities, and support independent journalists.

Getting to Know and Understand India

Journalist Fabian Kretschmer (left) spent three months in India as a participant in a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. In an interview, he talks about the first female bus driver in Delhi, the status of freedom of the press in India, and why national stereotypes are sometimes a necessary evil.

"Islamic Affairs Consultants to Become an Institution"

What can be done when every call to prayer from the muezzin is followed by a complaint about disturbing the peace? For two years, communities have been able to call Hussein Hamdan in instances like these. Hamdan is an Islamic Affairs Consultant and mediates between communities and their Muslim populations. In an interview, he takes stock and reports on what is next.