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The German Senior Citizens’ Awards

The Best Ideas for a Senior-Friendly City

The Mobia project in Saarbrücken for senior-friendly public transport has been awarded the 2015 German Senior Citizens’ Award. Mobia received the main prize, worth 60,000 euros, at the award ceremony in Berlin. Other commendable initiatives were presented and awarded, too. Dr. Marianne Koch received an award for contributions to the advancement of senior citizens.

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The Support We Offer

The Support We Offer

Our projects and programs tackle social challenges in order to develop solutions and bring about change. We also support third-party projects that are submitted to us and that correspond with our funding goals in Germany and abroad.

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China as a Constitutional State: An Impossibility?

The Chinese legal system is contradictory: on one hand, the government voted in reforms in the judicial system in the past two years; on the other, around 200 lawyers were imprisoned under obscure circumstances this summer. What exactly does the government mean when they talk about "socialist constitutionalism with Chinese characteristics"? A discussion with experts in Berlin gave some answers.

What Does India Think? Collection of Essays Published

India is undergoing a transformation. Prime Minister Modi wants to put the country back on the path to economic success and reposition it in international politics with a number of reforms. The collection of essays What Does India Think? offers insight into the current mood and interests of the subcontinent. The publication was presented at a panel discussion in Berlin.

New Opportunities for New Talent

Shaking hands, receiving a certificate, moving forward. The acceptance of 50 young people to the Talent in the State of Baden-Württemberg fellowship program was straightforward yet significant. Florentin can barely believe that he is part of it: "This sheet of paper means so much to me. It opens the door to new opportunities that I never would have had otherwise."

Richard von Weizsäcker Forum: Responsibility and Leadership

Guests from around the world attended the Richard von Weizsäcker Forum in Berlin. The event focused on the issue "Responsibility and Leadership." Richard von Weizsäcker served as Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, which he occupied for over two decades.

We Mourn the Loss of Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

A man of his word - both during and after his time in office. Even once his frontline political career was over, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt took a keen interest in the issues dear to his heart, one of which was European integration.

The First Port of Call for Leading Female Scientists

The AcademiaNet success story began with the push of a button, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially activated the site back in November 2010. Since then, AcademiaNet has grown to become the first port of call for decision-makers looking to find suitable women for scientific leadership roles and governing bodies.

Focus Topic

The growing number of refugees in Germany and Europe dominates the public debate. Politics, society as well as the economy are faced with multiple challenges. The Robert Bosch Stiftung identifies solutions how refugees can be integrated into society and the labor market, and promotes the exchange between practice and politics.

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Bellevue Programme
We provide young executives in the highest government authorities of select European countries with further qualifications, foreign experience, and the opportunity for exchange with colleagues from other European countries. During a 12-month internship in a partner country, participants learn about their host country’s administration structures and political decision making processes. Through March 31, 2016.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung offers many scholarship programs to support the training and continuing education of international junior executives and enable them to exchange experiences. A large proportion of our programs is directed towards university graduates and post-graduates from the USA and Europe. In addition, we support the integration of gifted children from families, that are facing social, financial or cultural challenges, with special school scholarship programs.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung awards many prizes for exemplary ideas and initiatives in the fields of science, health, international relations, education, society and culture. The aim is to publicize outstanding projects and support their future development.
The competitions organized by the Robert Bosch Stiftung are designed to help develop and disseminate good ideas in a number of different areas. The foundation also runs these international competitions to promote social and cultural exchange. Other competitions aim at fostering the development of schools and assisting the integration of young immigrants in German society.
Programs for Journalists
Journalists play a vital role as mediators by presenting a wide range of topics critically and comprehensibly, making them accessible to wide audiences. Journalists are important partners for the Robert Bosch Stiftung in coverage of science issues and in the field of international relations. We provide continuing education for journalists in the form of seminars, information tours, meetings, and research and study residencies.

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