The German Senior Citizens’ Awards

In Germany, most people want to be able to live independently for a long time. Seven initiatives that have been nominated for the 2016 German Senior Citizens’ Awards demonstrate how this can be achieved in old age. They examine new ways of living together that also take the diversity of our society into account in old age.

Photo: Tanja Barthels


"Democratization is not an All-Use-Medicine"

Terrorism is not a problem of individual countries anymore and crosses national borders. How will transnational terrorism change in the next years and what can be done against it? Young leaders deal with this issue in the dialog forum "Global Governance Futures" and develop future scenarios.

China's Civil Society Under Pressure

Next year China will introduce a new law on the regulation of foreign NGOs. Observers fear that this could further aggravate the situation for NGOs in the country. In Berlin, experts discussed the contents and possible effects of the law - "regulated playing field" or "expulsion of unpleasant actors"?

What Kind of City Do We Want to Live in?

Berlin and Beijing, Bonn and Chengdu, Essen and Changzhou. Partnership agreements are in place between more than 100 German and Chinese cities. At the invitation of the Foundation, "city makers" from both countries met in Berlin to share ideas about how they can work together to develop livable cities.

Workshop for Digital Learning

How can digital media enrich school lessons? At the start of the Forum on Digitizing Education, we are seeking schools that have already started changing their institutional and learning culture through the use of digital media. They can share their experiences and learn from one another at a workshop.