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START – Create Cultural Change

START - Create Cultural Change

Affected by economic restraints, the cultural fabric in Southern Europe is changing. While established cultural institutions in Greece struggle for funds and audiences, a new generation of cultural managers is evolving. Defying uncertainty and limited job perspectives, they set on a quest to start their own creative ventures. START is a program that empowers these next generation cultural managers in Greece.

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The Support We Offer

The Support We Offer

Our projects and programs tackle social challenges in order to develop solutions and bring about change. We also support third-party projects that are submitted to us and that correspond with our funding goals in Germany and abroad.

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United World College’s First Year Pioneers Graduate

102 students from 71 all over the world came to Freiburg two years ago to study at Germany’s first United World College. The first year students have now successfully graduated. Their plans for the future: study in the United States, carry out volunteer work or do their bit in their home countries.

Homage to a Longtime Friend

The recently deceased Karl Dedecius appreciated and utilized cultural diversity as a builder of bridges between Poland and Germany. His legacy seems more relevant than ever in today's Europe. On the occasion of his 95th birthday on May 20, 2016, he was honored with a tribute event.
Fellow Tolu Oni auf dem Next Einstein Forum

Africa in the Scientific Spotlight

Will the next Einstein come from Africa? Many young African scientists only wait for their turn to take the global scientific stage. A first opportunity to do just that was the Next Einstein Forum of the Robert Bosch Stiftung because in order to unfold the scientific potential of the continent, Africa needs more than clever minds.

Forum "Enabling Integration - Strengthening Solidarity"

The Federal President of Germany and the Robert Bosch Stiftung host the forum "Integration ermöglichen - Zusammenhalt stärken" (Enabling Integration - Strengthening Solidarity) and discuss the integration of refugees with experts, scientists, politicians, and volunteers.

Research for Sustainable Energy Policies

Today’s global economy is based on the overuse of natural resources. The economist Dr. Oliver Schenker develops models that give developing countries the opportunity to establish sustainable energy systems. With the Robert Bosch Junior Professorship "Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources" the Foundation provides him with one million Euro over five years for his research.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung offers many scholarship programs to support the training and continuing education of international junior executives and enable them to exchange experiences. A large proportion of our programs is directed towards university graduates and post-graduates from the USA and Europe. In addition, we support the integration of gifted children from families, that are facing social, financial or cultural challenges, with special school scholarship programs.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung awards many prizes for exemplary ideas and initiatives in the fields of science, health, international relations, education, society and culture. The aim is to publicize outstanding projects and support their future development.
The competitions organized by the Robert Bosch Stiftung are designed to help develop and disseminate good ideas in a number of different areas. The foundation also runs these international competitions to promote social and cultural exchange. Other competitions aim at fostering the development of schools and assisting the integration of young immigrants in German society.
Programs for Journalists
Journalists play a vital role as mediators by presenting a wide range of topics critically and comprehensibly, making them accessible to wide audiences. Journalists are important partners for the Robert Bosch Stiftung in coverage of science issues and in the field of international relations. We provide continuing education for journalists in the form of seminars, information tours, meetings, and research and study residencies.