And then there are new technologies which are spreading and impacting lives in a manner and at a pace never wit nessed before It took cars some sixty years to reach their first 50 million users It has taken digital technology less than 30 years to reach half the planet Digital technology and artificial intelligence hold great promise but we understand very little about what their impact will be on our privacy on democracy on our jobs on social cohesion and on conflict To seek to understand how we can better manage digital technology to ensure human wellbeing while curtail ing unintended consequences and misuse the UN Secre tary General in July 2018 convened the High level Panel on Digital Cooperation Its report The Age of Digital Interdependence concluded that there is an indispensable and urgent requirement to work much better not only across international borders but also across disciplines if we are to steer new technology for the greater good Such multi stakeholder cooperation the report also suggested needs to be much nimbler more agile and deliver faster results than some of our current UN processes The UN Secretary General has stressed that we cannot hope to build a safe future for our children in the 21st century if our institutions and mindsets are stuck in the 20th century Efforts at reforming and modernizing all sectors are critical to help address the transversal challeng es of our time In the United Nations the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is leading multiple efforts to make us more effective in delivering on our core functions of promoting peace security social justice and sustainable development As we approach our 75th anniversary in an effort to reconnect with the people we were established to serve a new initiative has been launched to hear from citizens worldwide on how to improve global cooperation in the face of the most pressing global threats The Secretary General has tasked me with promoting a global discussion about the future we want and the future we are on track to get if current global trends are not better attended to by existing and newly emerging institutions We will be organizing thousands of citizen consulta tions globally with a focus on youth on our critics and on marginalized groups to hear their views on the role of global cooperation to deliver better on the future We will be cooperating with the entire UN system and other partners for this initiative We will bring the outcome to the attention of heads of state at the UN General Assembly in September 2020 We are proud to be undertaking this in partnership with civil society organisations worldwide We at the United Nations believe that at this juncture of global uncertainty new approaches and creative thinking are an absolute requirement for sustainability of peace people and planet It brings hope that an increasing number of individuals and organisations share this vision and are seeking to adapt their institutions to today s emerging and tomorrow s dominant issues 9THE MAGAZINE 2 19 Fabrizio Hochschild Drummond is Under Secretary General and Special Adviser on the Preparations for the Com memoration of the United Nations 75th Anniversary He has also served as Assistant Secretary General for Strategic Coordination in the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General

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