Setting the course for the digital future We need to make our digital future more secure and inclusive This is what a UN expert group demands in its report The Age of Digital Interdependence delivered to UN Secretary General António Guterres in the summer of 2019 see photo According to the experts the existing instruments for shaping technological change for the benefit of all are insufficient Guterres convened the expert group in 2018 Their brief was to shed light on the social ethical legal and economic impacts of digitization and to identify possible responses in terms of the UN s sustainable development goals The work was funded by various governments and foundations among them the Robert Bosch Stiftung When handing over the report the chairs of the expert group philanthropist Melinda Gates and Jack Ma founder of the Chinese company Alibaba underlined how important it is to now set course for a digital economy and society that involves everyone The rapid pace of technological development calls for clearly defined intelligent and evolutionary multilat eral structures for cooperation and regulation says Sandra Breka Board Member of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Only an inclusive approach involving stake holders from all sectors can ensure that the benefits of technological change outweigh the dangers and that we do not leave anyone behind In their report the experts recommend among other things that socially disadvantaged groups be supported with concrete measures to achieve digital and thus also social inclusion Focusing on access to new technologies is not enough To protect human rights the experts suggest a review of how human rights standards can be enforced in the field of digital technologies Health centers in Germany with international role models In September 2019 one of the first PORT centers in Germany was opened in Hohenstein PORT Patient Ori ented Centers for Primary and Long Term Care is a program through which the Robert Bosch Stiftung has supported initiatives for better healthcare since 2017 The goal is to establish local health centers ensuring pri mary healthcare from one source thus facilitating better care especially for the chronically ill Four PORT centers are being developed throughout Germany the initiators collected ideas and suggestions on interna tional study trips for example to model institutions in Canada Sweden and Spain The PORT health center in Hohenstein combines modern medicine and therapy for all age groups with prevention health promotion and advice A network of general practitioners pedia tricians physiotherapists nurses and social workers work together with case managers for the benefit of the patient 41THE MAGAZINE 2 19

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