took the foundations out of play you would simply be giving even greater play to unregulated wealth to push our democratic politics in directions without any transparency through dark money and so on Zenda Ofir My perspective is your main accountability lies not with your shareholders not with the govern ment but you are accountable to the people you are trying to help And then legitimacy on a philosophical level also comes from the integrity with which you do something I firmly believe that the principles on which you base your work and the willing ness to learn must be so that they give you legitimacy in the eyes of those you work for The last point to make is that transparency is a very complicated matter Sometimes evaluations have sensitive information that can easily be misinterpreted by political oppo nents media who serve a particular agenda or an individual who twists what is written in an evaluation report So this a big issue for us Is too much transparency dangerous Larry Kramer I think it is difficult to be transparent but it is foolish not to be I can think of so many instances of organizations or people getting themselves into trouble by not being transparent and I can think of very few in fact where they got into trouble by being transparent The bigger problem is that small foundations actually don t keep track of their performance So they don t have anything to publish on that whereas we do keep track We put every evaluation online publicly That s how you get the feedback you need because someone else can read that and help us understand things we may have missed You re so much better off being transparent and in a position to explain than not Zenda Ofir I do agree with that but there are some countries where lives can be threatened organizations futures can be threatened One needs to remember that in the South every thing is more challenging sense but to the government which can regulate us anytime it wants The way to think of the democratic legitimacy of what we do means starting with a realistic understanding of democratic politics and how it works It is not about foundations it is about wealth By virtue of money you may be capable of moving public policy in ways that somebody with fewer resources cannot Let s not begin with some idealistic image of some democratic government out there that makes decisions for everybody uninfluenced So the number one question that we should be asking is what would the world look like if we weren t there If you Zoran Puljic is the director of the Mozaik Foundation that promotes young social entrepreneurs in Bosnia Herzegovi na In recent years Mozaik has gone through an ambitious focusing and realignment process from short term project work to orientation towards long term impact goals Following this course Mozaik wants to help a new generation of value driven entrepreneurs break through and become role models for other youths You are accountable to the people you are trying to help Zenda Ofir Debate32 Robert Bosch Stiftung

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