It all began more than 50 years ago with the promotion of Franco German relations Throughout his life Robert Bosch who died during World War II had advocated for stronger relations between Germany and its neighbor Accordingly for many years the Robert Bosch Stiftung s international funding was concentrated on the challenges of the post war period and reconciling Germany with its neighbors Funding was mainly focused on bilateral relations and as of the 1980s on the United States as an important partner With the end of the Cold War the priority turned to re integrating the countries of Cen tral and Eastern Europe into the European framework and the Western community of values Against the backdrop of globalization the Foundation started working in new regions at the turn of the millennium and expanded into Asia and Africa The promotion of bilateral relations was increasingly replaced by multilateral activities and programs focusing on structural challenges comple mented encounters and exchanges on a more individual basis This paradigm shift reflected Germany s changing position in the world It also moved the international relations program towards a more thematic focus Certainly not all efforts met expecta tions but many projects were indeed success ful Nevertheless at the beginning of 2018 we asked ourselves how we could remain effec tive in a world of momentous change and we opted for a radical new beginning in our international work We spent a year and a half working intensively on questions such as What are the challenges Which ones can we handle with our means What are the new develop ments in philanthropy and how can we make use of them This magazine presents the four new topics of our international work and provides some insight into what we have learned along the way It is a report on a work in progress because our fleshing out of these new topics has only just begun Joachim Rogall Sandra Breka Hans Werner Cieslik Board of Management of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Dear Readers We hope you enjoy the read Editorial 3THE MAGAZINE 2 19

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