New Beginnings the Foundation s International Work After more than 50 years the Robert Bosch Stiftung is restructuring its international area of support Sandra Breka Member of the Board of Management discusses the need for a reset the new focus and how impressed she is by her colleagues commitment Ms Breka you are reorganizing the Foundation s international work Why Our area of support International Understanding goes back to the legacy of Robert Bosch and has a long tradition at the Foundation We have in the past undertaken periodic strategic reviews and program development that led to incremental changes over the years But today our international context is changing rapidly and dramatically We need to respond with more than incremen tal change Do you mean global political de velopments and changes in the philanthropic sector Yes Our objective is to contribute to solving the challenges of our time In the past we worked on ten very different topics covering an incredi bly broad range But over the years this has blurred the profile of the Foundation s international work In addition philanthropy has been subject to significant change The volume of global philanthropy has more than doubled in the last two decades Foundations are developing new forms of support The public is more critical and it increasingly questions the legitimacy and effective ness of philanthropy We asked ourselves how we can be forward thinking and achieve the highest possible impact with our work What s the answer We need a strategic realignment that focuses on a few select topics Over the past 18 months about one hun dred colleagues have been involved in the process We first asked ourselves which global trends are most pressing and most likely to shape our future We gained a comprehensive picture through discussions with international experts both practitioners and academics as well as through studies study trips and workshops The new topics of your international work are Climate Change Conflict Migration and Inequality Why these ones specifically For us the combination of these topics best fulfills the objectives at the core of our international work Indeed it is derived from Robert Bosch s legacy we want to work on Interview 19THE MAGAZINE 2 19 INTERVIEW Nicole Zepter PHOTOS Gene Glover

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