We believe funding can be made more efficient Silvia Bastante de Unverhau remedy serious problems such as a lack of basic medical care The amounts Co Impact invests are impressive in the first round of funding it provided 80 million to just five initiatives over a period of several years Co Impact backers include billionaires such as Bill and Melinda Gates and Richard Chandler and also institutions such as the Rockefeller Foundation Olivia Leland founded Co Im pact in 2017 Leland who is also a Senior Vice President at the Rockefel ler Foundation has an impressive CV She previously worked with Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett as the founding director of Giving Pledge an initiative that encourages the world s wealthiest people to donate some of their wealth for the common good The Co Impact team based in Zurich New York and London also bring many years of experience in philanthropy govern ment and the non profit sector In her last role as Global Head of Philanthro py Advisory at UBS Bank Silvia Bastante de Unverhau Chief Philan thropy Officer brought together billionaires to promote philanthropy Now based in Co Impact s Zurich office she outlines the organization s goals stressing that the basic idea is to maximize philanthropic potential so that millions of people have access to health care and education and have the opportunity to shape their own lives Things we take for granted The beneficiaries of the first round of funding are healthcare education and economic opportunity initiatives in Africa India and Latin America Before funding is approved it must be ensured that at least a minimum political and civil frame work exists Good governance is important says Bastante de Unver hau Through extensive due diligence the organization assesses whether the financial commitment and other supports can produce the results the initiatives aim to achieve Bastante de Unverhau Most grants are awarded annually and need to be reapplied for every single year We believe this process can be made more efficient One example is Liberia s National Community Health Assistant Program which has received tens of millions of dollars for a five year period It is an existing model now aiming to reach the remaining 1 2 million people in rural areas of Liberia who have hardly any access to medical care After the Ebola crisis which ended three years ago the Liberian Ministry of Health together with the NGO Last Mile Health and others developed a nationwide program to provide health care coverage in rural areas The govern ment was able to unify many smaller uncoordinated initiatives and NGOs under the umbrella of one self con tained program With funding from Co Impact and others they aim to increase the number of community health workers to 4 000 to ensure care even in the most remote areas Co Impact sees this program as an opportunity to ensure sustain able care in order to drastically reduce both epidemic diseases and infant mortality Bastante de Unver hau is convinced that sustainable social change requires many players acting on an equal footing local communities NGOs governments companies and private philanthrop ic initiatives We see ourselves as a partner just as we see the organiza tions involved as partners PROFILE Idea behind the organization Bringing foun dations and philanthropists together to support initiatives transforming underlying systems in low and middle income countries Recipients of support Programs that are led and driven by several parties NGOs govern ments private sector Type of support Multi million dollar funding as well as technical and organizational support for selected initiatives USP Bringing donors together to support lasting systemic change Support volume About 80 million in the first round of funding 17THE M A G A ZI NE 2 19

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