For a founda tion to speak of investment at all was taboo in the 1990s Idriss Nor third version of the phone was unveiled in summer 2019 in Berlin Nor speaks confidently about his projects especially those for which Stichting DOEN has taken a risk Every year the foundation supports around 250 social enterprises and initiatives with amounts ranging from 5 000 to 500 000 euros It awards grants or provides investments and loans supporting both large and small endeavors As Nor puts it the founda tion makes capital investments in the best sense of the word In philanthro py the term is impact investment investing to achieve a social or ecological impact alongside a finan cial return For a foundation to speak of investment at all was taboo in the 1990s when Stichting DOEN was founded Nor remembers A founda tion that invests its money instead of just handing it out that not only benefits society but also makes a profit was frowned upon The term impact investment Nor argues is overused and often misunderstood The question is whether we re talking about investment with or for impact Impact investment only refers to the latter he explains Those who receive funding can freely dispose of the capital and use it as they see fit In the current geopolitical climate we need people who are willing to take risks and have the courage to make a difference Nor says Especially now foundations like ours are called upon to support them Urgent Action Fund Africa for Women s Human Rights At grassroots level Caroline Kiarie is in her office in Nairobi when the call comes in A colleague from a women s rights orga nization needs her help A celebrity is said to have sexually harassed two women But when the case went to court it was dismissed Now the two women want to appeal but the women s organization that has supported them so far can t do it Left picture Voilà the first sustainable smart phone in the world thanks to the DOEN Foundation Picture above Strength in num bers in the Urgent Action Fund Africa women help other women defend their rights 13THE MAGAZ I N E 2 19

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