tions such as the Dutch Nature Conservation Association Amnesty International and numerous NGOs The idea was to establish a perma nent cashflow and not waste time on constant fundraising says Idriss Nor one of the foundation s executive directors adding that the Nationale Postcode Loterij is a kind of money machine In the past 30 years the lottery has generated 5 8 billion euros for good causes of which 676 million have gone to the DOEN Foundation Nor has been with the foundation for more than 15 years and has seen it grow to become the largest investor in social and sustainable start ups in the Netherlands Also the lottery model was copied to several countries such as the UK Sweden Norway and Germany Today the three Dutch lotteries fund the foundation s projects with an annual support volume amounting to 30 million euros Stichting DOEN s role in such projects is that of a seed investor that funds a social enterprise during its earliest stages The foundation then hands over the initiatives as far as possible to larger investors or partners to scale the impact of the supported organizations Another feature that sets Stichting DOEN apart is the foundation s focus on the originality of funded social projects the preference is for new surprising approaches A good example is the Fairphone the world s first cell phone to be produced in a fair and sustain able manner The idea originated with an artists initiative and was support ed by Stichting DOEN at the start of the project and later through invest ment in the Fairphone itself Fairphone is not only a successful but also a typical example of the type of projects that meet the DOEN funding criteria developing a bold innovative idea and acting out of strong social and ecological convic tion Other phone manufacturers thought it would be impossible to guarantee a transparent production chain The Fairphone has proven them wrong says Idriss Nor The Stichting DOEN Seed investment for new ideas In 1989 four Dutch entrepreneurs who had a common goal joined forces they wanted to support those commit ted to a more sustainable and social development of our society To this end they founded the Nationale Postcode Loterij followed two years later by the associated DOEN Founda tion The foundation receives a share of the lottery proceeds money that is used to support innovative social enterprises because the founders are convinced that they can contribute to social change The remaining funds of the lottery go to other social organiza PROFILE Idea behind the foundation Support new so cial creative and sustainable ideas that advance society Recipients of support Associations projects and social enterprises Type of support Grants investments and loans USP Funded ideas can grow into companies through financial investment Support volume 30 million euros a year Feature12 Robert Bosch Stiftung P ho to s S tic ht in g D O EN U rg en t A ct io n Fu nd A fr ic a W om en s H um an R ig ht s

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