In 2011 Peter Müller physically felt the weight of his office when four months after his political career ended he donned his new official robes for the first time Putting on the floor length bright red robes of a federal constitutional judge is no mean feat for a single person so a sergeant helped him That was a special moment Müller recalls The robes don t push you to the ground but they certainly weigh more than a normal suit Müller was practically weak at the knees feeling a great sense of respect for his new post The Federal Constitutional Court is considered the Olympics of German jurisdiction he says If you want to visit the Federal Constitutional Court judge in his office you must first enter a building made of solid concrete and glass a lot of glass The building is an architectural play on transparency and stability Müller former Prime Minister of Saarland for the Christian Democratic Union party works on the second floor here in his 25 square meter office furnished with book shelves a sitting area and a desk With the sun beaming down in full force he s drawn the curtains On the desk sit briefcases full of files from Müller s area of responsibility the enforce ment of sentencing The files include stories of prisoners in protective custody and serious offenders housed in psychiatric hospitals There s no joy in reading these cases says the judge Müller and his nine fellow judges do not fall under the authority Highly autonomous Müller in his office The Dignitary Peter Müller is a judge at the German Federal Constitutional Court a position granting him an official air of dignity What does that mean to him Behind the Scenes44 Robert Bosch Stiftung Te xt M ar tin P et er se n    P ho to s A nn e S op hi e St ol z

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