Bringing Article 1 to Life What exactly do we mean when we speak about dignity To mark the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Germany s Basic Law the Rob ert Bosch Stiftung and the German Federal Agency for Civic Education are busy investigating this question The joint initiative DeineWürde Your Dignity is aimed primar ily at young people and uses vid eos and the theatrical performance HUMARITHM to encourage school classes to engage with the topic of dignity and with Article 1 of Ger many s Basic Law What does dig nity mean for the individual Who is granted dignity What about hu man dignity s role when it comes to current issues like artificial intelli gence How can we deal responsibly with technological progress The responses and ensuing discussions were brought together in a video se ries featuring multiple perspectives and popular YouTubers See more at www deinewürde org News from our Foundation Six outstanding schools two anniversaries and a new medical center Celebrating Five Years of Robert Bosch Academy The Foundation s Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin represents a multilater al interdisciplinary community Since the Academy was founded in 2014 68 well respected decision makers and experts from 36 countries have spent time working in Berlin and contributing to political dialog in Germany from ministers and policy advisors to health and sustainability researchers jour nalists and theater directors The Academy offers its fellows the intellectual freedom to engage with global issues and to develop solutions Just one exam ple is Lloyd Axworthy former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs who es tablished the World Refugee Council with which he works today The 2019 fel lows include Nigerian human rights activist and founder of the Bring Back Our Girls initiative Oby Ezekwesili pictured and Indian American technology re searcher Sheila Jasanoff Jasanoff will spend her time at the Academy exploring the role of human dignity in biomedical research In brief42 Robert Bosch Stiftung P ho to s A fo la bi S ot un de d pa R ob er t B os ch S tif tu ng 2 D om in ik O be rt re is

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