10 12 26 12 Report A hospital dedicates itself entirely to the treatment of dementia patients and demons trates what is needed to treat them with dignity 18 Essay Sociologist Armin Nassehi sees the first article of the German constitution as a steadying anchor in a changing society 20 Profile Five Muslim women have dedicated themselves to fighting against stereotypes and injustice each in their own way 26 Essay Author Dimitrij Kapitelman grew up in a violent environment It wasn t until he was an adult that his own rage came to the surface but it wasn t directed against the neo Nazis who had beaten him 28 Debate Is human dignity a matter of cultural perspective 06 In photos A visual representation of the presence and absence of dignity 08 Beginnings How science can be made accessible to everyone 10 Snapshot Gerald Hensel on finding strength after an online attack Contents4 Robert Bosch Stiftung

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