criticize Western colonialism but what we are doing in Africa is not so very different I would like to make this suggestion to everyone that before you criticize others you show how you dignify your discussion by starting with yourself Mr Kaleck do you sometimes wish there were new or better institutions to globally protect and promote human dignity Kaleck So first of all I am not talking about values I am talking about rights We shouldn t allow politicians all over the world to express these aspects only on Sunday talks talking about values We should remind them on Monday and Tuesday and all the rest of the days that we are talking about rights And these rights still have to be realized Secondly I think of this as a process which has to be realized on many levels the level of society of us individuals of groups as well as within the state and among states And obviously better institutions could be helpful But we should not procrasti nate while waiting for the super institution that guarantees human dignity and other rights Sowa I liked what Shi Ming was talking about when he was saying we need to look at ourselves in the same way we look at others Because otherwise it is too easy for people to accuse people who believe in human dignity and human rights of hypocrisy And I don t think we should look at new institu tions We need collective action by people outside of states in order to hold states and private sector compa nies accountable for the way they act or violate human rights If such an international collective of people came together in a bid to promote a common understanding of human dignity what would their practical work look like Shi I think the first thing which should start is what all three of us agree on this talk about cultural differences in perceiving human rights must come to an end in international discussion I would say we should end this non sense and deal with this in a more genuine way To say okay there are lots of very different economic interests very different political interests but there are no very different perceptions of human dignity and human rights Sowa The strongest way to promote understanding of universal human dignity is people speaking to each other People from different geogra phies from different classes from different economic situations who understand that something connects us as human beings Mr Shi Ms Sowa Mr Kaleck thank you very much Shi Ming was born and raised in the People s Republic of China The journalist moved to Germany in 1990 where he has been living and working since This talk about cultural differences in perceiving human rights must come to an end Shi Ming 31THE MAGAZINE 1 19

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