Dear Readers Dignity is that which is above all price That s how Immanuel Kant put it Prices are assigned to things they are negotiated or set by the market They are relative If an object breaks its price decreases Dignity on the other hand is something absolute It can t be bargained for People have dignity Always Without precondition Even when they are ill Regardless of what they do or contribute For the last 70 years Article 1 of the German constitution the Basic Law has guaranteed this invio lable right to human dignity to everyone It obligates govern ment authorities to respect and protect this dignity Human beings may not be degraded to mere objects Article 1 is a blanket clause that applies above all other basic rights For our founder Robert Bosch dignity was also an important term Be human and respect human dignity is one of his most famous quotes first published in his company s employee magazine in 1920 With this statement Robert Bosch was not issuing a mandate to the government he was laying out an aspiration for every individual including himself And what about our founda tion Dignity is rarely an explicitly stated goal for us And yet nearly all of our projects are focused on creating or improving conditions that allow people to live dignified lives How That is often a difficult question and the people in this issue of the magazine all have very different answers We hope you enjoy the read Joachim Rogall Sandra Breka Hans Werner Cieslik Board of Management of the Robert Bosch Stiftung Editorial 3THE MAGAZINE 1 19

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