An international discussion about human rights with the Chinese journalist Shi Ming the Ghanaian social development advisor and activ ist Theo Sowa and the German human rights lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck Theo Sowa was born in Ghana and has lived in Africa Asia North America and Europe She is the CEO of the African Women s Develop ment Fund and has been working as an independent advisor for various international social development projects Is human dignity a matter of perspective Many Germans understand human dignity as the unconditional value of the individual person This is often called a Western view and indeed there seem to be other perspectives For example in the 1990s some East Asian and South East Asian leaders referred to ancient Asian traditions when they argued that it was legitimate to cut back on the rights of individuals for the good of many or for the sake of order Mr Shi are those views still popular in China and South East Asia Shi I don t quite agree with what those politicians were saying that the traditions in China ignore the value of the individual I just want to recall one saying of Confucius You can deprive three whole armies of all their generals but not one single ordinary man of his will Confucius did not accept assumptions of any sort that individuals have to give up their will or their potential to follow a collective I think it is very important that intel lectuals of other countries see this point as fundamental when dealing with ancient Asian culture Debate28 Robert Bosch Stiftung

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