Anger is perhaps the most political emotion of all as a searching adolescent A loving home faith in oneself education these are all factors that prevent a young man from going off the rails when problems arise And yet none of them work forever In my early twenties my anger comes Not toward the thugs from those days but toward the people who stay silent The neighbors who could see the violence from their balconies and never called the police The police who always arrived so late The jour nalists who never reported the violence in my neighbor hood And toward my parents who first brought me to this place and then wanted to sit everything out I develop psychological problems almost drop out of school Re alizing as an adult that some people are allowed to become angry about much less than others is extremely demor alizing Feeling small and powerless you can quickly make the leap to cynicism bitter impotence or radical revenge Fortunately for me I was able to make my voice heard through writing and as a journalist to shake off the feeling of powerlessness But the collective solution can only be not to give the weaker groups in our society the feeling that they don t matter If for example Muslim women are currently denigrated as headscarf girls without conse quence they will feel exactly like that Now more than ever German society needs to demonstrate that it is not indiffer ent toward such humiliations It needs to get upset to finally calm down 27THE MAGAZINE 1 19

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