The word is power The word is tact This is how Hosnijah Mehr describes it in a text that she recites on the poetry stages of the country She recently moved to Mainz with her sister Mariam Mariam and Hosnijah are natives of Stuttgart Swabian Muslims they say Their parents are from Afghanistan The sisters want to help shape the future Until recently Mariam led the Stuttgart chapter of the Muslim Youth in Germany One of their most important cooperative projects was an interreligious fast breaking They wanted to show that Muslims and Christians have a lot in common and can work together in shaping society There are many young Muslim women who would like to wear a head scarf and who just want to muster the courage that many Muslim women are already showing day by day Because they know that if they demon strate their convictions openly they have to be prepared to accept difficul ties be it when looking for an apart ment or for a job Mariam explains She adds If the media and political world continue to portray Muslims so negatively we re going to run up against a wall But with the strength of light heartedness that the sisters radiate they have the voice and power to change this Or as Hosnijah puts it The word sets you free The casual ones Mariam Mehr 22 dentistry student

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