We became an integral part of soci ety a long time ago says Nicole Erkan The mother of two runs the Muslim ische Familienbildungszentrum MINA e V Muslim Family Education Center MINA e V in Duisburg which offers social counseling education and a space for encounters She makes a gen tle and compassionate impression but it s courage that has shaped her path in life Raised as a Christian she decid ed at the age of 13 to seek religious affiliation with Islam It was her school mates who inspired her At the age of 22 she converted today the sociolo gist and Islam expert is the educational center s first female chair and an es tablished figure in the community Af ter their studies she and her col leagues who all wear a hijab were un able to secure even an internship So they created their own jobs and the MINA training center was born You have to be aware of your own dignity If I were a punk I d have green hair I am a Muslim and I wear a headscarf she says MINA works with non violent communication methods Giving space to feelings and formulating needs is something Erkan is successful with More and more women are volunte ering Parents who are agnostics are also coming with their children to Islam lessons The City of Duisburg is recommending the center to others Putting matters in a nutshell Erkan says Being German and being Muslim are not mutually exclusive The gentle one Nicole Erkan 39 sociologist and Islam expert

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