In September 2015 when many refugees were arriving at Hamburg Central Station Sidonie Fernau was in charge of the facility from which volunteers helped to receive them and provide initial support Children from the surrounding schools made sandwiches people organized clothing banks others set up inter preting offices Today she advises refugee groups migrant women s organizations and Islamic and Alevi communities After her studies in Istanbul Fernau actually wanted to move to England where a large part of her family now lives Things turned out differently She grew up in the countryside between Stade and Cux haven Her mother is Jamaican her father Palestinian In tenth grade she realized that she wanted to study history languages and cultures of the Middle East and build bridges Because access to basic and human rights for example in the areas of housing or work is not the same for everyone A panel discussion trig gered her decision to join the social welfare association Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Today she is both a leader and an inspiration Even when she experiences discrimination in her work she concentrates on the essentials We need to raise aware ness The focused one Sidonie Fernau 31 division leader of the social welfare organization Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband in Hamburg political scientist

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