What if I weren t all of that woman Muslim migrant What sort of orientation would my life have asks Merve Gül a 27 year old lawyer blogger and member of the Christian Democratic Union party CDU in Germany Living in Swabia she works as a junior lawyer and has made a name for herself with her voice in the media She questions things and takes the wind out of the sails of overblown debates It doesn t put me off when a judge wears a turban a headscarf or a kippa explains Gül It s the invisible neutrality that worries me Do I know whether a judge is close to a right wing populist party It s easy to picture Gül in politics Whether as an attorney or in a governmental department she wants to reduce the number of people struggling today She comes across as sincere I m an optimistic realist Even as a child Gül helped tutor others who couldn t afford private lessons She would give moral support to parents who didn t dare question teachers She joined the CDU when the debate about dual citizenship struck up in 2013 in part to become a decision maker She says You have to go to places you normally wouldn t be They re mostly places dominated by men Well educated young women are frightening But we don t want to take anyone s place we just want a bigger table The realist Merve Gül 27 lawyer blogger

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