Sometimes the music sparks some thing in people and that spark spreads care system as a whole On the David Ward we can prevent patients from falling and we administer fewer antipsychotics says head physician Kügler and as a result he suspects the patients feel better for longer spend less time in the hospital overall and do not need to go into a nursing home until later The UKE study supports this hypothesis it deter mined that the economy benefits from the prevention of subsequent costs It s 1 00 p m in the afternoon An hour before the end of her shift Nurse Svenja also experiences some of the benefits of the music therapy session from earlier in the day While the other patients have already been served lunch Ms Dierkes is still sitting at an empty table When Nurse Svenja passes by Ms Dierkes calls out The head nurse kneels down next to her Hello dear would you like something to eat By way of an answer Ms Dierkes kisses her on the cheek Sure there are days when I go home with a headache the nurse says a little later but today was a really great shift It was a fantastic day Left When you sing your heart rejoices too says Ms Fischer translating the Spani sh song lyrics warmed up to us today while Mr Winter the good dancer takes a seat next to Ms Dierkes in the common room and talks to her After a few moments she takes his hand Through the flower stickers on the plexiglass window they catch a glimpse of Mr Winter giving her a friendly stroke on the cheek this woman who had previously seemed so withdrawn and isolated Sometimes the music sparks something good in people and that spark spreads therapist Ganser explains pleased Internal wards like the David Ward in Alsterdorf are still rare in Germany And yet these types of wards significantly lighten the workload for the general wards Christian Kügler says But the head physician warns that having a special ward doesn t mean the rest of the hospital never has to deal with dementia patients The staff on the general wards still need to be able to diagnose advancing dementia and to treat less severe versions of the condition with sensitivity That s why all the staff at our hospital receives special training not just the people working on the David Ward The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports the efforts of the EKA and 16 other hospi tal locations in Germany to make all of their facilities suitable for treating dementia patients with dignity Gerontologist Kruse firmly believes in the David Ward model In order to implement a model like this across the board says the Heidelberg based researcher we need to raise significant awareness among hospital managers of the responsibility that we all have as part of our day to day work in the hospital to guarantee a decent quality of life for our dementia patients Kruse feels that decision makers at health insurance companies are also called upon to act after all this model requires significant invest ment of resources A study conducted by the University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf UKE investigated the ef fectiveness of the David Ward and determined that funding provided by the health insurance companies did not cover the additional personnel costs the ward requires However even if this type of ward is not cost ef fective for an individual hospital it could very well pay off for the health Right In the living room a picture of Heinz Rühmann and other items bring back the days of old Photography and dignity Head nurse Svenja Ostojic spoke to all the patients whose faces are shown in the photos multiple times to ensure that they were alright with being photographed for our magazine s story They understood what I was asking them Nurse Svenja says and they agreed The patients were also open and receptive to the photographer during our visit Ms Fischer was the only patient able to sign a consent form on her own for the other patients relatives with custodianship signed agreement to their participation 17THE MAGAZINE 1 19

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