that anything resembling a sense of urgency is palpable on the ward Mr Krüger is lying on the nearest bed He was recently transferred from intensive care he s very weak and is hooked up to a feeding tube He has just ripped the IV line out of his hand removed his nasogastric feeding tube and tried to stand up Two nurses and a doctor are standing at his bedside deliberating on what to do Maybe we need to restrain him The doctor says quietly to Nurse Svenja No I really want to avoid that at all costs she responds and then turns to the patient and takes his hand Mr Krüger we re going to reattach your infusion tube now Please don t stand up Mr Krüger stares at her in silence Promise you won t stand up Yes yes he responds Really promise The patient gives her a slight nod Great The three medical staff members leave the room again We re going to have to reattach that IV line more than once today is Nurse Svenja s guess Later on they also replace his nasogastric feeding tube after consulting with his relatives A visitor arrives an hour before lunchtime Music therapist Gertrud Ganser introduces herself in the dining room and starts the music This is a foxtrot Mr Winter an 80 year old man wearing an elegant watch and nice shoes offers her his hand the two dance like a seasoned pair It s wonderful to have a partner who can really dance says Ganser visibly pleased Then she puts on a Latin American song for Ms Fischer who can sing along and even translate the lyrics When you sing your heart rejoices too she says interpreting the Spanish words of the song Ganser laughs Ms Dierkes is next she is sitting hunched over at the table She has hardly moved since being fed her morning porridge I have something for you Ganser says and presses a button on her little remote control Oh Donna Clara a tango from the 1920s sounds from the speakers it s a version performed by Alfred Hause and his orchestra Ms Dierkes looks at her opens her mouth and runs a hand through her hair Ganser sits down across from her runs her hand through her own hair and mirrors Ms Dierkes movements This method sometimes helps staff make contact with unresponsive patients After about thirty seconds the old woman stands up moves toward the therapist on wobbly legs and reaches for her wrists They smile at each other hold each other s arms and dance on the spot an unexpected turn of events for the others in the room who are watch ing with interest Ms Dierkes also stands up for the last song and sways back and forth Would you like to sit down again the therapist finally asks taking the patient gently by the elbow and guiding her back down into her seat I ll just push you in a bit closer see you next time In the corridor Ganser tells Nurse Svenja about her unexpected dance partner Ms Dierkes really Report16 Robert Bosch Stiftung

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