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The German School Academy

“For more good schools!”: This is the motto of a collaboration between the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Heidehof Stiftung. The two foundations aim to make lasting quality improvements in schools and classrooms in Germany, supporting schools throughout the country in their development and offering practice-oriented programs for all types of schools. Their focus is on the great educational work that many outstanding schools in Germany are already doing. These model schools have been awarded the German School Award, co-funded by the two foundations, since 2006 to make best practice examples visible. The German School Academy, a subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Heidehof Stiftung, processes the concepts of the award-winning schools and uses them as the basis for professional training and school development programs to inspire other schools in their own development efforts. The German School Portal, an online platform, presents the successful concepts of the award-winning schools to the general public.

The commitment of the two foundations and the Academy to promote good schools is based on the desire to provide all children and teenagers with the same opportunities to receive high-quality education, regardless of their background and social status. When it comes to the characteristics that define a good school, the three institutions are guided by the comprehensive understanding of education and learning outlined in the six quality areas of the German School Award.

The Berlin-based German School Academy is an institution for school development and teacher training active throughout Germany. Its mission is to prepare the best practice models from more than ten years of the German School Award with the help of scientists and distribute them widely. The services it offers are directed toward all schools in Germany. The Academy makes materials on excellent school practices available, provides advice on topics related to school and teaching development, organizes innovative advanced training measures, and designs extensive school development programs.

The German School Academy will become part of a larger educational unit under the umbrella of its main shareholder, the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The Foundation's Partners and Members of the Board of Trustees decided in November 2020 to bundle all activities in the support area for better education in schools and day-care centers.