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Feeding the World Sustainably

New Robert Bosch Junior Professor Dr. Verena Seufert wants to explore how food production can become both more environmentally and socially responsible.

Harnessing migration for climate action - an untapped opportunity?

Innovative approaches through migration, such as skills partnerships across Africa and Europe can help to foster a green, just transition.

Inequality – Current Trends and Reasons for Hope

How can inequalities be addressed and reduced? Read what experts from around the world say.


Narratives That Represent All

What are narratives and how are they impacting social justice? Read recent examples from Mexico, India, and the United Kingdom.

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The New Management Team

Sandra Breka and Dr. Bernhard Straub jointly manage the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

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"We need to create effective measures to include refugee voices"

Read our interview with Rez Gardi and Mustafa Alio from the initiative "R-SEAT".

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“Achieving a just transition is one of the hardest parts of climate policy”

The U.S. is back on the climate stage. Samantha Gross explains how cooperating with the EU supports a just transition.

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“Local Peacebuilders are the Core of Building Sustainable Peace”

Read the interview with Mie Roesdahl from Conducive Space for Peace. 

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Shaping Our Future Together

In a global dialogue, the United Nations (UN) asked people how they imagine the world of tomorrow.

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