70 Years of the Basic Law: Federal Constitutional Court Justice Peter Müller in an Interview

The Ball on its Long Journey to the World Cup

“The Ball” will have toured 18 countries arriving ultimately in Russia. And everybody who kicks or heads the ball can sign it.

2018 School of the Year

The Evangelische Schulzentrum in Greifswald wins the German School Award 2018, which is endowed with 100,000 euros.

Science Conference The Next Einstein Forum 2018 in Rwanda

#FairCompacts - Die Zivilgesellschaft im Dialog mit Bundesregierung und UNO

Die Vereinten Nationen haben Entwürfe für globale Migrationspakte vorgelegt. In Berlin trafen sich Vertreter zivilgesellschaftlicher Organisationen zu einem BarCamp, um die Entwürfe zu diskutieren und eigene Impulse in die laufenden Verhandlungen der UNO einzubringen.

Jacqueline Loos: Robert Bosch Junior Professorship 2018

Proposals for sustainable care

Interview with Franz Wagner, President of Deutscher Pflegerat.

Film Prize Award Ceremony 2018

Award ceremony of the 2018 Film Prize for International Cooperation of the Robert Bosch Stiftung at Berlinale Talents.

"Young people are going to vote with their feet"

Future Fellow Hanna S. Tetteh on the issue of migration and climate change discussed during the Richard von Weizsäcker Forum, the annual community event of the Robert Bosch Academy.  

Work at the Robert Bosch Stiftung

Civic Engagement Requires Leadership

"The approach of the Academy is quite original" - Interview with François Heisbourg

At the end of his stay at the Robert Bosch Academy, François Heisbourg, Chairman of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, looks back and lines out the challenges ahead for Europe.

"One of the most creative things you can do in life is science." - Interview with Anne Glover

The former Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission Anne Glover shares her perceptions on how science and culture can create potential for more innovation.

Quickclip "Talent im Land"

Maybe you are a talent in the land, too. The program helps gifted, educationally ambitious, devoted and socially involved 8th- to 12th-graders to work towards their school-leaving examination.

Actors of Urban Change

Urban Development through Cultural Activities and Cross-Sector Collaboration in Europe.

Der Generationenblog

The project "Der Generationenblog" is a nominee for the 2014 German Senior Citizens’ Awards.


The project "MASTERhora" is a nominee for the 2014 German Senior Citizens’ Awards.

Route 76

The project "Route 76" is a nominee for the 2014 German Senior Citizens’ Awards.

Hey Alter…! Eine Ausstellung für Jung & Alt

The project "Hey Alter…! Eine Ausstellung für Jung & Alt" is a nominee for the 2014 German Senior Citizens’ Awards.

Werkstatt der Generationen

The project "Werkstatt der Generationen" is a nominee for the 2014 German Senior Citizens’ Awards.

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