Supporting Struggling Schools in High-Need Neighborhoods

We want to provide schools with tailored support at an early stage of their struggle in order to help schools do better in high-need neighborhoods.

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Supporting Schools in High-Need Neighborhoods

School Turnaround

The project provides highly targeted support for ten schools in Berlin for sustained school development in the future.

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Youth and Democracy

Youth Against Extremism

Extremism has many different forms and in times of changes within society continues to be a big challenge. Many young people already get involved in our democratic society and speak out against extremism. We offer them support...

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International Dialog on Educational Issues

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Improving the Quality of Schools

Foundation Course for Education Students

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Improving the Quality of Schools

Quality in all-day schooling

What defines high-quality education in an all-day school system, and what conditions are required to implement such a system? To find...

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Christina Distler
Senior Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-753
e-mail to Christina Distler
Kristin Görlitz
Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-887
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