Our society is changing: we are decreasing in number and getting older all the time – but we are becoming more diverse, too. New forms of living together are replacing traditional family structures, while rapid advances in communication are shaping the way we interact with each other. At the same time, we are increasingly questioning the fundamental consensus of our social and political interactions: There has been a significant erosion of trust in the representative democracy and political parties, with more and more people believing that they are no longer being heard.

In light of these developments, the Robert Bosch Stiftung wishes to help as many people as possible to gain an equal stake in community life and take action, with and for each other. We work with them to look for responses to societal change and thus strengthen social cohesion.

We support civic commitment as a way of getting to grips with social challenges and helping to shape democracy. We develop and support solutions that make it possible to tap into the full potential of a diverse society. We promote a pragmatic and respectful approach to religious and cultural diversity and encourage young people in particular to play an active role in shaping the society we live in.

The support the Foundation offers is concentrated on the focus areas outlined below. Publication projects, construction and renovation projects, exhibitions and concerts, the purchase of works of art, ongoing infrastructure costs, volunteering services, and individual scholarships are not eligible for funding outside the framework of our own programs.

Migration and Society

Our activities help to ensure that migrants and refugees are a normal part of our society.

Youth and Democracy

We wish to give young people the courage to take on positions of responsibility in society and stand up for their interests.

Civil Society

We want to strengthen players in civil society in their competencies and support civic involvement wherever it faces social and societal challenges.

Cultural Participation

We want to make access to art and culture possible for all children and young people.

Muslims in Germany

We aim to strengthen Muslims as actors in civil society and improve their participation within it.