Our founder Robert Bosch was committed to the democratic order and a liberal society of responsible, free citizens.

We will only be able to live together well in our diverse and ever-changing society if all people have an equal chance to participate in social life, based on the rule-of-law principle. Solutions to the challenges of our time can only be found through trans-sectoral collaboration at all levels and by including a variety of different perspectives.

This is why, in the support area of Active Citizenship, the Foundation assists courageous people and institutions in assuming responsibility and shaping a future-oriented life for all in our society. From 2020, we will focus on the topics of immigration society as well as democracy.

Detailed information on our strategic objectives and on the new topics will be shared here from mid-2020 on. At this point, we will resume accepting project ideas and applications.

What we focus on


How can we strengthen democracy in Germany and Europe?

Immigration Society

How can we ensure the positive coexistence of native and migrant residents in society and promote the inclusion of the latter?