Proposals for a Realignment of Refugee Policy

The Robert Bosch Expert Commission to Consider a Realignment of Refugee Policy presents its final report after one year. In the report the representatives of politics, economy, and society draw up concrete proposals that address current needs and help politicians in a neutral advisory capacity.
Robert Bosch Stiftung | April 2016
More than one million refugees came to Germany in 2015. No other issue is dominating the political and public debate today like the question of refugees. Objective arguments are scarce in a debate climate that is increasingly heated.

With this in mind, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has convened a commission of distinguished experts in March 2015 to consider a realignment of refugee policy. The goal was to foster an open discussion, include different perspectives, and devise constructive recommendations.

Final Report

In the final report which was presented on April 6 at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin, the commission demands amongst other things an easier access of refugees into the labor market.

The report draws up 99 proposals for these topics:

Possibilities of access for refugees

Procedure for granting the right of asylum

Accommodation and housing

Health benefits and healthcare

Language skills and training

Access to education

Vocational training and access to the labor market

Return, repatriation, and deportation

Photo: Max LautenschlägerFrom left: Günter Burkhardt (Chief Executive Officer Pro Asyl), Uta-Micaela Dürig (Chief Executive Officer Robert Bosch Stiftung), Heinrich Alt (German Federal Employment Agency), Bilkay Öney (State Minister of Integration in Baden-Württemberg), Armin Laschet (Chairman)