Engaging with Ukraine

In order to return to a life of peaceful coexistence, the people in Ukraine need a strong civil society - and the attention of the West. The training program Ukraine Calling helps German participants to establish contacts within the country. They organize youth encounters, strengthen minorities, and support independent journalists.
Robert Bosch Stiftung | December 2016

After the protests on the Maidan and the fall of President Yanukovych, developments in Ukraine are still uncertain. The country needs the support of the West in order to find its way back to peaceful coexistence and to build up a strong civil society.

For this reason, the professional development program "Ukraine Calling" provides German players from the worlds of politics, administration, culture, and civil society with well-founded knowledge on Ukraine. Together with Ukrainian partners, the participants develop mutual projects.

In an interview, four participants introduce their projects:

(Interviews: Philipp Wurm, November 2016)