Why are we running this project?

Social changes, particularly as a result of increased immigration, cause unease and fear in large parts of the population and are changing the social climate noticeably. While many citizens work actively to support the refugees and to combat extremism, at the same time radical forces are gaining strength - even reaching the mainstream of society. Right-wing extremism remains a challenge to our democratic way of life. Islamist extremism is also becoming more relevant in society and can have a growing appeal particularly to young people.

In addition to the government, citizens’ initiatives against right-wing extremism and Islamic extremism are of great significance. The commitment of young people plays a particularly important role. As their interest in politics grows, they develop their own approach to societal discourse. They are intensely active online and like, share, and keep up to date with things there.

What are our goals?

For this reason, we are supporting the commitment of young people who wish to combat the development of extreme movements in our society and set a visible sign against extremism - both off-line and online. During the year, we will present some of the projects we fund on this site.