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The classrooms in German schools have long been colorful - a diverse group of students is the norm. But this reality is still reflected in classroom instruction much too infrequently. How did Muslims in Germany experience the fall of the Berlin Wall? What role does the protection of nature play in Islam? There is barely a schoolbook that gives the answers to these questions. New studies show that students are still confronted with a simplified and warped image of other cultures, particularly that of Islam. The nuance is missing in classrooms and schoolbooks.

As a result, a project carried out by the Georg Eckert Institute is creating a multimedia Web platform with teaching materials for the globalized classroom. The project picks up on topics that interest both male and female students in culturally and religiously heterogeneous learning groups. The project is geared toward secondary school teachers. The content is compatible with the curriculum in history, religion/ethics, and social studies classes.

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Dr. Katja Wiebe
Internationale Jugendbibliothek
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