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About the project

The Ukraine crisis has come to provide a reality check for the relationship between Russia, the EU, and the US: The current tensions make it very clear that this conflict has only been a trigger for a more far-reaching conflict between Russia and “the West”, and that the parties involved have fundamentally different views on European and international security. In Germany, the EU, and also the US, there continues to be a lack of conceptual approaches to tackling the challenges involved in the relationship with Russia in a constructive manner. Due to the existing uncertainties in the transatlantic relationship and the strained relationship with Russia, it is particularly important to foster and/or strengthen the dialog and sustainable networking among American, European, and Russian opinion-leaders from politics, administration, think tanks, and academia.

The project aims to strengthen the transatlantic cooperation and East-West discourse, as well as keep communication channels with Russia open. At scenario workshops, we analyze the dynamic development in Europe, the US, and Russia; taking current trends into consideration, we strive to establish the groundwork to forecast potential future developments in East-West relations.

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