Why are we running this project?

Translators play a crucial role in international cultural exchange. Their work helps us broaden our horizons and expand our understanding of other cultures. The more developed a translation culture is, the richer and more vivid our knowledge of the world, our literature, and our language becomes.

What are our goals?

TOLEDO aims to contribute to a lively international translation sector, which prioritizes the sharing of knowledge and discourses of diverse cultures across language barriers and political borders. In doing so, the program embraces the longstanding tradition of literary translation in Europe, which was shaped in places like the town of Toledo in Castile, Spain.

How does the project work?

From January 2018, the TOLEDO funding program will support literary translators in actively practicing this role as mediators between cultures and languages. The funding focuses on:

  • Mobility formats, which allow translators to bridge the cultural gap between their source and target language;
  • Networking formats, which facilitate the exchange of translators among each other as well as with other members of the literary scene;
  • Events, which give the cultural vocabulary of translators a broad public accessibility.