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About the Project

Translators play a crucial role in international cultural exchange. Their work helps us broaden our horizons and expand our understanding of other cultures. The more developed a translation culture is, the richer and more vivid our knowledge of the world, our literature, and our language becomes.

From January 2018, the TOLEDO funding program will support literary translators in actively practicing this role as mediators between cultures and languages.

Contact person

Aurélie Maurin
Deutscher Übersetzerfonds
c/o Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
Am Sandwerder 5
14109 Berlin
Tel+49 30 80490859
e-mail to Aurélie Maurin

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Anna-Dorothea Grass
Project Manager
Tel+49 711 46084-974
e-mail to Anna-Dorothea Grass