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What Is on Young People’s Minds?

TINCON is a festival for digital youth culture. What interests young people and how do they get involved?

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In brief

About the Project

TINCON stands for "teenageinternetwork convention". Over three days, from June 8 to June 10, around 1,000 young people met for the third time in Berlin to engage with their (not only) digital present and future through workshops, lectures, and events. Topics ranged from politics, society, lifestyle to YouTube, gaming and science. The event was open for guests aged from 13 to 21.

Young people have the opportunity to get in contact with internet stars, media experts and get involved in discussions and talks.

The Robert Bosch Foundation funds sessions with a socio-political focus. This year the main focus was topics like artificial intelligence, mental health, hate speech, sustainability and youngsters' social and political engagement.

Some of the conventions famous speakers were Ranga Yogeshwar (scientific journalist), Florian Prokops (journalist), Charles Bahr (young entrepreneur), Philipp Walulis (moderator) and YouTube-legends like coldmirror, Maggie Herker, RobBubble, KostasKind, Jans und NerdyTimber.

On September 9, 2018 TINCON takes place in Hamburg for the second time.

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Senior Project Manager
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