Why are we running this project?

In recent decades, scientific discourse has leaned strongly toward the guiding principles of expertise and the freedom to seek the truth. Consequently, target groups with an academic background have been well catered for, but the approach has been less successful in reaching people with little or no exposure to science.

What are our goals?

SILBERSALZ aims to close this gap and offers formats in which experts and members of the public can meet on an equal footing, learning from talking to one another. The more people – both at the venue in Halle (Saale) and beyond – make use of what the festival has to offer, the more topics from and about science can brought into the limelight to be discussed and critically evaluated. In the long run, this should promote greater trust in science, creating responsible citizens, particularly among young people who will be the ones to shape the future.

How does the project work?

SILBERSALZ takes place in the German town of Halle (Saale) every summer under a different motto each year. Film contributions of any kind – from animations and shorts to documentaries and features films – can be submitted for review by a jury. Several movie theaters in town show the selected films. From 2020 onward, filmmakers will be recognized with awards in various categories thanks to a cooperation with Jackson Wild. Coinciding with the film festival are a conference for producers, scientists, and science communication experts, as well as exhibitions, concerts, a youth program, and much more.

Who are the target groups?

With all the different things it has to offer, SILBERSALZ is aimed at people of all ages, particularly those interested in science or curious about the subject. The conference part of the festival is aimed particularly at producers, scientists, and science communication experts, allowing them to ignite new ideas and spark enthusiasm for science and new technologies.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is the founding partner of SILBERSALZ. Documentary Campus e.V. was tasked with putting on the festival.