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Network for inclusive societies

Improving the impact of projects on inclusion

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In Brief

About the project

"Shaping inclusive" societies is an opportunity for leaders that are passionate about the topic of migration and creating truly inclusive societies in which all people can realize their full potential and talents, to reflect, connect and learn collectively. By joining this program, you will be part of a global network of leaders from Canada, Germany and Morocco that are curious and committed to addressing local challenges with a global perspective in mind. The program aims to strengthen local cross-sectoral teams made up of newcomers and locals in Germany, Morocco and Canada that are working to address challenges related to inclusion, equality and connection among newcomers and locals in their regional context. What makes this program stand out is the focus we place on awareness building. Over 14 months, teams will be guided in a process to reflect on and question their mindset and approach towards migration and inclusion-related topics from a personal as well as professional standpoint. Building on this awareness, the program will weave in capacity building skills related to social impact planning, co-creation methods and inclusive language, as well as individual team coaching and coaching of all participants in order to build a community of conscious and impactful leaders in inclusion. "Shaping Inclusive Societies" is a joint program by SINGA Deutschland and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Contact person

Diana-Luminița Crăciun
Project manager
SINGA Deutschland
e-mail to Diana-Luminița Crăciun

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation

Dr. Ferdinand Mirbach
Senior Expert
e-mail to Dr. Ferdinand Mirbach