In Brief

About the Project

The coronavirus pandemic and its impacts on our society have made it very clear just how relevant science, good science communication, and diligent science journalism are to our information system. Only if the public are fully aware of the scientific basis and expertise behind the tough policy measures taken and are given opportunities for debate and access to expert information, will people keep up their trust in the long term and show solidarity in their behavior. Our funding program offers fast, unbureaucratic support for projects aiming to provide science-based communication about the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Within four weeks, many excellent applications with a great number of ideas were submitted. The funding amount has been exhausted, so that the open call has ended. Thank you for your dedication!

Contact persons

Michaela Bogenrieder
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-195
e-mail to Michaela Bogenrieder
Eva Roth
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-885
e-mail to Eva Roth