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Existing formats of science communication tend to reach only the ‘usual suspects,’ namely people who are interested anyway. But how can you reach people who have previously had little to do with science? And who are these much-cited ‘hard-to-reach target groups’ anyway? These are the questions pursued by Science for All, a hands-on research project run by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Wissenschaft im Dialog, an initiative of Germany’s scientific community. Based on literature research and supported by an advisory board comprised of scientists and practitioners, three sample target groups were defined. For each target group, a new science communication format is being developed and then tested in a pilot project. Representatives of the previously neglected target groups are involved throughout the research and format development process: In workshops and interviews, they share personal attitudes and opinions about science, talk about their environments, and discuss why science has so far been of little relevance in their lives. Their information will provide the foundation for developing innovative formats intended to inspire an interest in science and research among people from a variety of different backgrounds. 

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