In Brief

About the Project

To reach the target enshrined in the European Green Deal – to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union by 55 percent compared with 1990 levels by 2030 – we must fundamentally change our behavior in all areas of life, including the way we use land and produce food. The EU Biodiversity Strategy and “Farm to Fork Strategy” for a sustainable food production system provide the framework for a transformation in land use.

Far-reaching change tends to provoke resistance as it challenges established economic models, behavioral patterns and deeply rooted values. We aim to support the consistent, effective and long-term implementation of climate protection measures in the area of land use and food by strengthening the societal deliberation processes to enable transformation towards sustainable systems and make it possible to overcome trade-offs.

We support organizations that develop holistic, locally rooted and transformative solutions for regenerative land use by involving a large number of affected stakeholders in an open dialogue.

Contact Person

Ana Bojadjievska
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-333
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Elisabeth van Gelder
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-146
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