Why are we running this project?

Locals and new immigrants living in and shaping society together – in other words, integration – is considered one of the greatest challenges of our time. On the one hand, locals often feel insecure when encountering recent immigrants. They often do not know how to deal with immigration and immigrants, have many open questions, or sometimes feel resignation about their previous engagement. On the other hand, new immigrants rarely have the opportunity to contribute their ideas, commitment, and skills to civil society and therefore feel unwelcome. This is reflected in the fact that many projects and organizations that have worked with newcomers in recent years have developed solutions “for” rather than “with” the target group, which has led to further problems. On top of that, media reports are currently dominated by rather negative coverage of immigrants, and the issue of participation only rarely plays a role.

What are our goals?

The "Integration neu denken" program of SINGA Germany and the Robert Bosch Stiftung strengthens civil society and local actors in their commitment to and cooperation with refugees and recent immigrants to enable encounters at eye level and local participation. The program aims at making Germany’s civil society and institutions more inclusive so that recent immigrants can truly participate in all areas of society and greater attention is paid to the issue of participation in the media coverage. The good solutions developed in the program can serve as inspiration for better social cohesion.

How does the project work?

As part of the "Rethinking Integration" program, SINGA Germany offers an in-depth training and consulting program and joint development of potential solutions to seven civil society projects (volunteers and their initiatives or organizations) as well as municipal institutions from various regions in Germany, which are currently facing a challenge with regard to local participation. The participating organizations will furthermore receive funding of up to 10,000 euros for the implementation of the solutions.  Furthermore, the organizations will be connected with each other in the course of the project.