In Brief

About the Project

A democratic society thrives when its citizens assume responsibility within it and for it. People who are prepared to help others play an important role in improving our life together in society as a whole. At the same time, people who work for a cause with conviction and passion often break new ground and come up with creative solutions to social challenges.

We have made digitalization a key focus in 2019. More specifically, we support representatives of civil society in tapping the opportunities and potential of digitalization for both the strategic development of their organizations and operational activities. To this end, the selected topic owners undergo a twelve-month development program, which results in a targeted, customized digital strategy.

Your contact person

Susanne Saliger
Project officer
Akademie für Ehrenamtlichkeit
Phone+49 30 29049216
e-mail to Susanne Saliger

Contact at the Foundation

Elena Jung
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-343
e-mail to Elena Jung