Why are we running this project?

Field reporting and foreign correspondence have been hit by shrinking news budgets in many media companies. Especially freelancers find it increasingly difficult to raise the funds needed for in-depth research abroad. However, complex topics don’t stop at borders. We believe that cross-border journalism is the key not only to strengthen the journalistic profession through international networking and collaboration, but also to foster international understanding between societies through nuanced coverage of stories that matter.

What are our goals?

  • Strengthen cross-border journalism

Through Reporters in the Field, we seek to promote the method of cross-border journalism among media professionals. We understand cross-border journalism as the research collaboration between reporters across borders and on topics that are of relevance in more than one country. We expect the team constellation to be tailored to the story that is covered: team members should pool their professional skills and respective local expertise to produce publications in all of the affected countries.

  • Support quality journalism that engages audiences across Europe

By enabling the coverage of innovative cross-border stories, we aim to generate an appreciation for in-depth coverage among media consumers and producers. Audiences should feel inspired and empowered to participate in transnational public discourses. International understanding between societies in Europe is strengthened by stories that offer more than just the national perspective.

How does the project work?

After being selected by an independent jury of seasoned journalists from all over Europe,  participating teams are awarded grants of up to 8.000 € to cover travel costs as well as communication and other expenses incurred as part of their research. Teams must be based in at least two European countries and should aim to publish in the media of their choice within these countries. At least two members of each team will take part in a kick-off meeting in Berlin, where they sharpen their stories and working plans in peer-learning sessions and consultations with cross-border journalism experts. All team members will be invited to join the Bosch alumni network and its media cluster for further networking and professional growth opportunities.

Please note that the program and workshop language is English, and you need an advanced level of spoken and written English to participate. While we encourage teams to publish in the languages of their chosen media outlets, teams will be required to submit English abstracts and translations for the workshops and the program in general.