Why are we running this project?

Societal and political actors are confronted by increasingly complex challenges in a globalized world. Meanwhile, the current world order, which was considered a given after the end of the cold war, is being transformed in fundamental ways by emerging states, new democracies and growing internal tensions within Western democracies. As multiple interconnected and overlapping crises are occurring more frequently, decision-making processes in foreign and domestic affairs are becoming ever more interdependent.

The rising complexity and societal transformation has a particular strong impact on political decision makers. In recent years, the quantity and dynamic of complex decisions in everyday political business have increased considerably. Members of the German Bundestag are expected to assume more and more responsibility and leadership in solving European and global challenges.

What are our goals?

“Policymaking in the 21st century” is a program for 25 members of all established parties in parliament. It widens participants’ perspectives on global contexts and strengthens their ability to convey these on the local, national, and international level. Moreover, the participant’s perception on current and future challenges is internationalized.

How does the project work?

Over the course of the program cycle, the participants discuss innovative methods for policymaking and successful governance, responsible decision-making processes and leadership strategies while reflecting on their own value system. Each program cycle consists of an introductory seminar, an executive education seminar at the Harvard Kennedy School, international study tours as well as background discussions in Berlin.