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About the project

Journalism around the world is undergoing huge change. Social media, 24-hour news cycles and ever increasing competition are changing the way journalism is consumed. More people than ever read and spread the news on their phones; the distinction between journalist and casual observer is increasingly hard to discern; and cross-border journalism is becoming the norm. Such extensive changes demand an ongoing critical reflection of the standards of quality journalism and opportunities for continuous professional training for journalists worldwide.

The role of the skilled, impartial journalist is more important than ever in this increasingly noisy and complex landscape. To strengthen this role, Perspektivy has been established. Perspektivy is a professional development program for journalists and other actors from the media sector in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Journalists are given the opportunity to attend training workshops, apply for grants to support their work, receive mentoring from journalists with extensive experience concerning particular regions or themes, and network with other journalists from the region.

In doing so, Perspektivy supports the further development of young journalists and established media actors from Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, promotes balanced and differentiated coverage, including on under-reported stories, and strengthens transnational networks between Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Perspektivy is a joint program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Fritt Ord Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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Christiane Käsgen
Senior Project Manager
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