Why are we running this project?

The support program “Operation Team – Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions” provides the means to develop, implement, and structurally incorporate interprofessional teaching offers for health professions.

What are our goals?

We want to make sure that future healthcare professionals already learn during their initial training how to cooperate with and act within an interprofessional team. To this end, the program offers ways for them to develop the necessary skills and capabilities. After all, good cooperation is much more likely to succeed when it has been taught early on and continues to be practiced in further classes and seminars over the course of a healthcare professional’s career.  

How does the project work?

We currently support 17 cooperation projects throughout Germany. They all differ in terms of their programmatic focus, structure of the interprofessional learning units, target group constellations, and institutional ties. But their common denominator is a shared understanding of interprofessional learning as a process, in which different healthcare professions can learn with, from, and of each other so as to improve their cooperation and patient care. The project work focuses on structural and curricular integration of the new learning offerings.   

Where is the project run?

In our support program, “Operation Team – Interprofessional Learning in Health Professions,” 17 select projects currently strive to promote the dialog among health professionals already during their initial training phase. Approaches include interprofessional training stations as well as interprofessional teaching offers in clinical emergency medicine, extra-curricular student tutorials, and joint ward rounds or case reviews – a multitude of ways to create a shared learning environment for future doctors, nurses, and therapists.

Members of the Advisory Board

Leiter des Instituts für Erziehungswissenschaft und Professor für Berufspädagogik an der Universität Osnabrück

Leitung Careum Bildungsentwicklung, Zürich (ab September 2017)

Leiter des Zentrums für Gesundheitswissenschaften und Professor für Public
Health an der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Winterthur sowie Titularprofessor für Workplace & Health an der University of Western Australia und Titularprofessor für Medical Education an der Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Geschäftsführer der AHPGS Akkreditierung gGmbH

Bereichsleiterin Aus- und Weiterbildung der nichtuniversitären Gesundheitsberufe, Inselgruppe Bern

Stabsleiter, Dekanat der Medizinischen Fakultät, Universität Zürich

Leiter des Referats 42 „Hochschulmedizin“ und stellvertretender Leiter der
Abteilung 4 „Hochschulen und Klinika“ am Ministerium für Wissenschaft,
Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg

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