„German Society Has to Rise to the Challenge of Discussing Values Again“

With the fellowship at the McCain Institute in the US, Talitha Goldmann-Kefalas is preparing for her leadership action plan in Germany, where she wants to establish new ways to integrate female refugees in society.

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Today’s leaders are increasingly faced with global issues they have to resolve. More often than not, however, they lack the international perspective necessary to successfully tackle these challenges. To this day, most leaders are still trained nationally, and even advanced executive training courses may not have any international participants.

The “Next Generation Leaders Program” is a tailor-made program of the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University for leadership training. The development program for future leaders from around the world and with different kinds of professional backgrounds focuses on developing character-driven leaders. The Institute’s “Next Generation Leaders Program” has trained 52 leaders representing 39 countries since it began in 2013.

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